Scala for Java Refugees

Daniel Spiewak’s Scala for Java Refugees provided me with a helpful introduction to Scala recently. I recommend it.

Using EasyMock

Good refreshers:

IBM developerWorks: Elliotte Rusty Harold: “Easier testing with EasyMock”.

Mocking in Java: jMock vs. EasyMock.

Java 7 Makes Copy and Move Files and Directories Simpler

Java Code Geeks has a post that shares Java 7’s simplified file handling: “Java 7: Copy and Move Files and Directories – Java Code Geeks”

Tim Bray, “we have so little consensus on these issues”

Tim Bray posted a thought provoker in “Type-System Criteria”. Working in Android has caused him to rethink some positions. Go read.

The Java Ecosystem (for the Sinatra or lover)

Shaneal Manek’s posted a piece on Java that is another one for the bookmarks (and one to experiment with if you aren’t familiar), that introduces some Sinatra or capabilities to the Java crowd: The Modern Java Ecosystem (for the Sinatra or lover).

Here goes his example project on Github.

Java coder don’t get Lisp? Read defmacro: on coding

Slava Akhmechet wrote a piece a while back that that challenged my thinking in terms of design using an old familiar friend and adversary: Ant. If you are a Java programmer, you’ll recognize the patterns Slava is connecting with to share with you why Lisp is so interesting. BTW, this piece would work doubly well with Maven if it was updated. Go read.

Great Maven Introduction: on devops

SpringSource’s team blog has short, but great introduction to Maven.

Java on… Heroku!!!!

Heroku adds suport for Java: Heroku for Java.

Take note of how simple a basic Java web app can be. Sure it’s not Sinatra or Flask, but it is still mighty simple.

Folks who claim that ‘Java is dead’ or that it should die, aren’t facing up to where it shines and what it provides. It has a place alongside Python and increasingly JavaScript in my tool belt.

I’m a happy polygot programmer and have used Groovy, and custom DSLs in Java to help speed application development by enabling those who are closest to change, to be able to harness it.

Some links for those getting started with Android dev

Smashing Magazine: “Get Started Developing for Android with Eclipse”

Android Developers: “Hello, World”

Tim Bray: “What Android Is”

Android Developers: “The Developer’s Guide”

O’Reilly: Programming Android: Your Toolkit

Getting Started with Android Development Links

Here goes two for future reading:

Android Developers: Hello, World

Lars Vogel: Android Development Tutorial – Froyo