The show went great and we were on the radio

The first S.A.F. Music Fest went off really well. We had good turnout and the bands were amazing.

It was My Brother’s Keeper’s second show, and the very first time I was the lone guitar player on stage (I’ve always played with a rhythm/lead player), so I was more than a little nervous. But the band kicked ass. Everyone has come a long way since we started jamming and we’re growing tight.

Loud and Local, did play us last night on along with some major plugs! It was a kick hearing us on the radio.

Thanks to Tommy Conwell, all the bands, Doc Watsons, the sponsors, and all those who came out.

I especially want to do a shout out to my brother Dante, whom I am so very proud of. He pulled together a diverse set of groups, handled all sorts of mishaps, and ran a terrific event.

Three books on my to read list

And people wonder why it takes me ages to return a book…. JJGuidelines: “a set of conventions and guidelines for java and J2EE related development.’

TSS: Java Testing and Design: “how to understand what application you want to write, what strategies are likely to get you there, and then how to measure your level of success.”

TSS: The J2EE Architect’s Handbook: “is written for technical architects and senior developers tasked with designing and leading the development of J2EE java applications”>

I’m actually a little depressed

See… this is what happens when you start to post personal stuff… you gotta post follow-thru! Next thing you know you’re fired at work for posting while working.

Anyway…I need to vent. It sucks to record a song for a show to play, and the show hearing the song giving you a great review and saying it’s going to happen, and then it doesn’t. I sat there on the edge of my seat, and then nadda. Nothing.

Hopefully the band can find solace in the effort and what we’ve learned by doing it. Maybe they’ll give me permission to share it on the web. We’ll see. If so, I’ll post a link here.

Good morning, you no longer have overtime

Millions of American workers are due to lose their overtime pay based on new rules that go into effect today. That’s the Bush Administration for you. Friend of the middle class!

Prediction: These changes will be rolled into effect by employers very slowly. Once they reach you, the outrage will have been so dissipated that all you will see about it when you complain is a helpless shrug.