‘Scalable system patterns’ links for October 30th, 2010

The BIG Software Blog: “Scalability patterns and an interesting story…”

Lori Mac Vittie, of F5 Networks, comments on the above piece on High Scalability and the need for ‘Devops’ to really pull it off: “Applying Scalability Patterns To Infrastructure Architecture”

Pragmatic Programming Techniques: Ricky Ho: “Scalable System Design Patterns”

Pragmatic Programming Techniques: Ricky Ho: “Scalable System Design”

Pew: Rate of people moving into Philly increasing, rate of people leaving decreasing

“Pew Study Finds an Increase in People Moving Into Philadelphia, Outpacing the Rise in Departures”.

We still have a long way to go, but it is proof positive that Philadelphia’s long march towards being a great place to live and work is starting to get recognized.

Check out these upcoming events: Ignite Philly and TEDXPhilly.

Update: I’ve modified the headline of this post (previously: “Pew: More moving INTO Philly than leaving”) to better reflect the report’s findings. Terrific progress being made nevertheless. Go Philly!