TDD and Design

codeartisan: Jon Moore: “Tales of Test-Driven Development” – Jon describes how TDD, influenced by a class Robert Martin held at CIM last week, improved the design of an immutable Map implementation he’s been working on.

Video: Jon Stewart’s speech at the Rally For Sanity

YouTube: Jon Stewart’s speech at the Rally For Sanity.:

‘Scalable system patterns’ links for October 30th, 2010

The BIG Software Blog: “Scalability patterns and an interesting story…”

Lori Mac Vittie, of F5 Networks, comments on the above piece on High Scalability and the need for ‘Devops’ to really pull it off: “Applying Scalability Patterns To Infrastructure Architecture”

Pragmatic Programming Techniques: Ricky Ho: “Scalable System Design Patterns”

Pragmatic Programming Techniques: Ricky Ho: “Scalable System Design”

The Mountain Goats, Keith Morris, Rick Astley and Nirvana

YouTube: Mountain Goats, Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton (via @Jack_Beitz – awesome lyrics!):

YouTube: OFF! – I Don’t Belong (Official Video):

YouTube: Rick Astley vs Nirvana Never gonna give/smells like teen spirit MSAH UP!:

Pew: Rate of people moving into Philly increasing, rate of people leaving decreasing

“Pew Study Finds an Increase in People Moving Into Philadelphia, Outpacing the Rise in Departures”.

We still have a long way to go, but it is proof positive that Philadelphia’s long march towards being a great place to live and work is starting to get recognized.

Check out these upcoming events: Ignite Philly and TEDXPhilly.

Update: I’ve modified the headline of this post (previously: “Pew: More moving INTO Philly than leaving”) to better reflect the report’s findings. Terrific progress being made nevertheless. Go Philly!

QR Code generating bookmarklets

These QR Code generating bookmarklets use to render a QR Code for the URL you are visiting in your browser. A great way to load the page you you are viewing on your desktop browser, on your phone.

via @arpit

Some recent innovation in blogging

The Permalinks for paragraphs over at Press Think (mouse over the end of any paragraph for the link).

More at Nieman Labs and Scripting News (who has had this for a long time).

Congrats to Jay Rosen on the relaunch of Press Think.

RIP Tom Bosley

Tom Bosley, Mr. Cunningham on Happy Days, a fairly large presentation of what I thought an ideal dad could be while I was growing up without one, passed away last week.

NPR: “RIP Tom Bosley, One Of TV’s Great Dads”

Visualizations to measure your school

The Education Nation Scorecard provided by NBC News, the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, and designed and built by Fathom.

Flowing Data has more on it.

Happy anniversary Mom and Dad

I wanted to offer this from my personal blog here on the Web. It was an honor to play a few songs for you on my old guitar. Your love has given me and all your children so much to learn from. Emma is here and she says hi 🙂