entaroadun/hnpickup – An educational example of a data mining app

entaroadun/hnpickup looks like a nice project to introduce you to some data mining application design patterns to follow any place. It uses Google App Engine and Python.

Visualizing the news: on storytelling

Matthew Ericson of the New York Times (and former co-worker of mine) put together slides of his recent presentation at AIGA Pivot. The presentation must have rocked because the slide deck, while short on details, is rich in thought provoking: PDF.

For a recent example from his team, check out today’s interactive on the Euro debt crisis.

AWS, MapReduce, a lot of Music, and some Python

Music Machinery: “How to process a million songs in 20 minutes”

Music Machinery: “Looking for the Slow Build”

A visualization on the growth of public APIs and open data

GOOD: “Out in the Open”

Florence Nightingale… the Statician and Data Viz Scientist

A good read about an aspect of Florence Nightingale that isn’t mentioned commonly. Hugh Small: Presentation to Research Conference organised by the Florence Nightingale Museum: St. Thomas’s Hospital, 18th March 1998: “Florence Nightingale’s statistical diagrams”

The history and background of Processing

Vimeo: Eyeo Festival: “Ben Fry & Casey Reas – Eyeo Festival 2011”

A short presentation where they give the background and insight into the future of a tool that has empowered artists, programmers, journalists, and story tellers in the same medium.

*You* Fix the Budget

Try this nifty interactive, by the New York Times, that enables you to make the hard decisions.

Visualizations to measure your school

The Education Nation Scorecard provided by NBC News, the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, and designed and built by Fathom.

Flowing Data has more on it.

Data Journalism and Visualization with an Example

Guardian: Paul Bradshaw: “How to be a data journalist”

ProPublica: Jeff Larson: “The Rainbow Connection: How We Made Our CDO Connections Graphic” (tools mentioned: google-refine (formerly Gridworks), Raphaël, JSON)

Interested in data and visualizations?

Check out the Guardian’s Datablog, and while you are at it, read/watch the Guardian’s Simon Rogers interview with Jonathan Stray of Nieman Journalism Labs on the rise of data journalism and the tools they use.