Thanksgiving 1999

Karl Martino – 11/24/99

Richelle – for being so patient and loving me. For being alive, filled with passion and more importantly – compassion. For never stopping to believe in me. For saying yes and being my bride this November 27th and letting me be yours forever more.

My brother’s family – Katie, Matthew, and Brendan. Lot’s of love and a place I know I’m at home.

Richelle’s family – For all the love and support they have given us this past year, and most of all, for simply being Richelle’s family. It is one wonderful family.

My mom and her improving health. Me and her are closer now than we ever were.

My friend Steve, for helping me to ‘lighten up’ and stop stressing the way I do. For showing me how to laugh.

My friend Pat for having the heart of gold that he has. No one I have met is so loving and pure in spirit. For never being a cynic. For being a dreamer and a believer.

For my boss Rajiv – I got a great boss! One of the best anyone could ever have. An innovator, a thinker, a rebel. Someone who has a heart and soul in his work and his life.

For my career. I’m blessed to be alive in a historic time and am working in a career that is certainly one of the most exciting places to be. It is filled with trendsetters, teachers, inventors and real heros like Tim Berners-Lee, Larry Wall, Jonathan Eisenzopf, Randal Schwartz, Tom Christiansen, Eric Raymond, Richard Stallman, Cameron Barrett, Rob Malda, and yes – you too Dave! The list is too big and wide to mention. So many great minds and hearts working together from different sides of the same table.

For everyone who has helped me in life to learn and grow, that list is too large to mention here as well.

To God. Thank you for blessing me. I have good health, a good home, a good life, with love.

PS – This was originally posted to a Scripting News Thanksgiving day thread.