Show up. Be present.

Two from Roz Duffy that should be passed along; “here and now”, and “my community story”.

Show up. Be present. Probably my greatest personal struggles.

But I’m finding that breathing helps. So does getting back to somethings I had set aside for too long, like my guitar, which provides a kind of mindfulness training in and of itself. So does coding when in a flow. Or most clearly, watching my daughter dance and sing or hearing Richelle’s voice on the phone. I probably will never as attentive to the world I’m in as when I’m in the moment like that. And sometimes, far too often for my taste, I allow anxieties about the future or frets about the past to distract from even those times. But I know that is a challenge we all face, and in that challenge is everything.

First post from WordPress

Recent happenings with Six Apart and the momentum behind WordPress convinced me to migrate

I used to migrate this blog every few months to a new platform during blogging’s early period; Userland Frontier, EditThisPage, Userland Radio, Nuke, PostNuke, GreyMatter, and eventually MovableType. I’ve had plenty of experience with Drupal, Blogger, and WordPress on other projects over the years and I’ve gone the build-it-your-self route a few times too.

I had considered some other great options for; Melody, Jekyll, Hyde, PyBlosxom and going hosted with, or Tumblr.

In the end, this blog is primarily an outlet for my writing. And WordPress, like MovableType, just works, not exciting technologically I know, but that’s what is important for this space here.

3164 posts and 3592 comments, 21 pages later, here we are. Thank you Movable Type and Six Apart for a long run. Movable Type was never as bad a some made it, nor was it the bees knees. It got the job done and the community that was a round it was instrumental in blogging’s history. Thank you. Now on with WordPress.

Let me know about any flakiness. I am trying to determine the optimal comment toolset (Disqus is an option) so there will be some issues, I’m sure, to work out.

Nancy Scola gives the good news and bad news about participatory democracy

A good thought provoker I’d thought I’d pass along: Personal Democracy Forum: “Talk Notes: The Invention That Is American Democracy”:

I’d argue that much of what has passed for participatory democracy in these early stages of its reinvention has been obsessed with re-engineering a system — while largely ignoring the role of real-live flesh and blood people in that system. Tools like Twitter, and Facebook, and mobile, and the good old World Wide Web are potentially incredibly powerful. But they are the how of participatory democracy; they’re not the what. The hopeful side is that the what consists of exactly what I’ve talked about social media being very good at – sharing ideas and shaping our engagements with other people. Once we figure out how to apply the same new power we have over our personal lives to our political lives, that’s when I suspect we might see democracy’s real re-invention.

I think there is a challenge there to take up and that she succinctly outlines it for everyone.