First post from WordPress

Recent happenings with Six Apart and the momentum behind WordPress convinced me to migrate

I used to migrate this blog every few months to a new platform during blogging’s early period; Userland Frontier, EditThisPage, Userland Radio, Nuke, PostNuke, GreyMatter, and eventually MovableType. I’ve had plenty of experience with Drupal, Blogger, and WordPress on other projects over the years and I’ve gone the build-it-your-self route a few times too.

I had considered some other great options for; Melody, Jekyll, Hyde, PyBlosxom and going hosted with, or Tumblr.

In the end, this blog is primarily an outlet for my writing. And WordPress, like MovableType, just works, not exciting technologically I know, but that’s what is important for this space here.

3164 posts and 3592 comments, 21 pages later, here we are. Thank you Movable Type and Six Apart for a long run. Movable Type was never as bad a some made it, nor was it the bees knees. It got the job done and the community that was a round it was instrumental in blogging’s history. Thank you. Now on with WordPress.

Let me know about any flakiness. I am trying to determine the optimal comment toolset (Disqus is an option) so there will be some issues, I’m sure, to work out.

4 thoughts on “First post from WordPress

  1. Congratulations — to me, that is πŸ˜‰

    I always felt like I was missing something when smart internet folks like you were on MT and I was on WP. I found peace with that a few years ago, but a little confirmation never hurts.

    I think the best part of WP is the nearly infinite customizing you can do. Your header, by the way, rocks.

  2. Had to come over out of the feed reader and check it out.

    Nice digs! Liked the carpet, the drapes are fab!

    Hee, I loved the finger painting picture. That’s a keeper.

    I do like Disqus for the ability it provides commenters. For one, even if I turn Disqus off, they keep their comments. And they can edit and check their dashboard to see what replies they got in which thread.

    If I have comments on any of my new sites (just closed down all but a couple), they’ll be disqus, even though I’m not a big centralized service fan.

  3. That’s a big endorsement of Disqus coming from you Shelley. I know how you are cautious about centralized services. I’ll consider it further. And thanks for the compliments πŸ™‚ I’m hoping one day comments come back to one of your homes on the Web.

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