Now It Can Be Told

I’m very happy to announce I’ve taken a position at Comcast as a software engineer. This could have been told a couple weeks ago, but I’m always respectful about sharing work matters and will continue to be so.

I can say, at least, that I’ve learned more in the past two weeks then I have in the past year and a half at Which is a shame really. I’m going to miss everyone, and will continue to be rooting for the journalists who, in the end, make everything happen there.

The VMAs sucked!

Why? Why? WHY?!?!? Why did I let myself think it would be any different then the last few years?

There needs to be a MTV2 Awards show. No – better yet – a real competitor to MTV needs to stand up. There is great music out there – and I’m sure great videos – they deserve to be seen and heard.

Johnny Cash don’t need MTV and it’s a shame that MTV missed a chance to be something more then just advertisement.

Man did it suck. It was like a car wreck. Never – never – never again!

Introduction to OOP in Flash and ActionScript

O’Reilly Introduction to OOP in Flash and ActionScript Part 1. Timely.

Flash MX makes it as easy as VB to build GUIs – except they are cross platform – and fast.

via the new dangerousmeta!. Now looking good sporting MovableType. Man oh man I wish I could bring my links back down to one page like that!