Yahoo!’s tenth anniversary coming up

A great list of articles from Yahoo!’s early days over at SearchEngineWatch.

Other sites that were hugely influential, and often forgotten about:

The first browser – NCSA Mosaic
The first real blog – The NCSA What’s New Page
The first portal: Global Network Navigator
The first personal blogger: Justin Hall

Google is broken… for me at least

Forget all the talk about their toolbar for the moment…

Yahoo! and MSN have been sending users to Philly Future while Google doesn’t. Google sends them to the old address.

Today I’ve resorted to doing something I haven’t in years… submiting a site to be crawled.

PageRank alone worked for me for a long time now. Good links were enough. When users with some kind of authority linked to one of my sites, it would normally show up in search engines. No longer.

So it’s wait and see now. Hopefully the site submission works and hopefully it’s faster than what I remember experiencing back in the day with Yahoo!.

Speaking of which… I guess I should submit myself to Yahoo!’s directory – shouldn’t I?

Anyone with any tips to get into Yahoo!’s or’s directories?

I feel like I’m back in ’98. I got so lazy there. Oh well.