One thought on “Wouldn’t you like to play Heretic again?

  1. Old school games. That’s a cool link if all the files work. I grew up playing PC games for C64, Amiga, and Tandy.

    I had just about every worth having game for NES (Nintendo) then I went on to the other systems. SNES (Super Nintendo). Played the hell out of all the old classics which is neat because now I can run all of them on Emulators. A really good one to check out is the Mame32 emulator. That one allows you to play the actual acarde ROMS.

    Just for the heck of it, I downloaded the STELLA emulator which allows you to emulate the old Atari system (2600).

    Now when I go home I plug into my Playstation 2, and laugh at the old graphics engines.

    I compare the first GTA to the current version GTA San Andreas and realize just how far we’ve come.

    Gotta love technology. Thanks for the link Karl. I’m gonna grab that Doom 2 version when I get home.

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