Play Pacman with Selenum? Yes!

SeleniumExamples: “Play Pacman with Selenium 2”.

This is pretty damn neat if you ask me.

A poem and a place to donate for Memorial Day

Howard Hall: “remember to learn”

Craig Newmark: “ another small effort to help Veterans in a big way”

Thank you to those who put themselves in harms way for the lives we can lead.

On creating change

Kimberly Blessing shares “What You Can Learn From Jamie Oliver About Creating Change”.

An interesting webcomic featuring a boy, musing on a missing dad, with.. Pokemon


4 color rebellion: “”Letters To An Absent Father” Makes Me A Little Happysad”

Martin Gardner RIP

Unfortunately I did not know of Martin Gardner’s work until watching the embedded video. He inspired many and I’ll be looking to read some of his books, articles, and trying to learn some magic myself. We can all use a little magic.

Boing Boing: RIP Martin Gardner

Douglas Hofstader: Martin Gardner: A Major Shaping Force in My Life

The Nature of Things / Martin Gardner from Wagner Brenner on Vimeo.

Gary Coleman RIP

Gary Coleman led a tragic life. It confuses me, it saddens me, it makes me angry that this kinda thing only becomes more clear after someone dies. “Gary Coleman: Damned by a catchphrase”

Rushfield Babylon: “Gary As I Knew Him” (via Boing Boing).

Comcast releases open source software

Comcast Voices: “Comcast Labs and ISC donate IPv6 Open Source software to open Source Community”. Conversation at Hacker News.

And check out Arpit’s post about his work on Comcast’s Xfinity Remote Prototype, “Have you seen the XFinity Social Remote app?”.

Joy – Jonathan’s Cochlear Implant Activation at 8 months

YouTube: “Jonathan’s Cochlear Implant Activation 8 mo.”:

Sean Blanda on Remixing the News

eMedia: Remix the News: “Remix the News: what news can learn from and Pandora”: “there is no service that adequately customizes content to my tastes based on previous reading”

A good read with some important ideas. The only thing close I can think of is Google Reader’s recommendations which are based upon my clicking activity in Google Reader.

One of the commenters in Sean’s post added some thoughts about ‘intelligent serendipity’. ‘Intelligent Serendipity’ will be all important if we intend to help people get the news they need to hear, but might not be aware of it.

Some links on ‘intelligent serendipity’:

Jeff Jarvis: “Serendipity is unexpected relevance”

Chis Anderson: “What would it take to build a true “serendipity-maker”?”

Mathew Ingram: “In defence of newspapers and serendipity”

Inside “The Random Guardian”

Somewhere in here is the news experience of the future. Helping people connect with what they are interested in, and helping them connect with what they would (should?) be interested in, but just aren’t aware of it yet. Isn’t that the essence of ‘news’?

Open Source news and knowledge aggregation projects that have caught my eye recently

Managing News



The Fifty State Project

Media Cloud

A little further down the stack: