Andrew Larkin: “5 Lessons JavaScripters Can Learn From Java Unit Testing”

Andrew Larkin, fellow CIMer, recently posted some thoughts on unit testing in Javascript that are worth a read. Up with Unit Testing!

Talk: “The Web Browser is a Transitional Technology”

Allen Wirfs-Brock, a Mozilla Research Fellow, at YOW 2011, defined what he considers the current era of computing, and some exciting elements of where we are and where we are going in his talk “The Web Browser is a Transitional Technology”.

It looks like YOW 2011 had some fantastic talks to check out.

Some JavaScript and Node.js starter links

O’Reilly Radar: Mike Loukides: “Why a JavaScript hater thinks everyone needs to learn JavaScript in the next year”: If you have avoided JavaScript, this is the year to learn it. There’s no excuse — and if you don’t, you risk being left behind. (I hate statements like this, but if it encourages more back end folks to get familiar with a language that applies everywhere, it is a good thing.)

I hope to have a simple little project that parses SVN logs and produces visualizations up on github soon.

The resources and people below have been helpful on my journey into JavaScript and Node.js:

Eloquent JavaScript

Douglas Crockford

The Node Beginner

reddit: node.js

Felix’s Node.js Guide

Node Tuts

“The New Everything” – Node.js

That’s what a recent Register piece from Cade Metz calls Node.js. A good read. BTW, a great tutorial I ran thru recently is over at Nettuts+.

So what language/skill will you be learning this year?

Rafe is going to be investing in learning JavaScript and Node.js. After some server-side JavaScript work last year with Alfresco WebScripts, I’m inclined to to continue to dig in further myself.

First up is finishing “Eloquent JavaScript”.

Related, recent reads:

Steve Yegge: “The Universal Design Pattern “

Sam Ruby: “Planetary Exploration”

JavaScript, JavaScript: “Exploring JavaScript for-in loops” “Why You Need to Learn JavaScript”

QR Code generating bookmarklets

These QR Code generating bookmarklets use to render a QR Code for the URL you are visiting in your browser. A great way to load the page you you are viewing on your desktop browser, on your phone.

via @arpit

Data Journalism and Visualization with an Example

Guardian: Paul Bradshaw: “How to be a data journalist”

ProPublica: Jeff Larson: “The Rainbow Connection: How We Made Our CDO Connections Graphic” (tools mentioned: google-refine (formerly Gridworks), Raphaël, JSON)

Play Pacman with Selenum? Yes!

SeleniumExamples: “Play Pacman with Selenium 2”.

This is pretty damn neat if you ask me.

Using your Google Spreadsheet as your Twitter Client?

Vivek Haldar explains the significance of Google Apps Script.


Programing Links March 7th, 2009

Mike Taylor on Kernighan and Plauger’s “The Elements of Programming Style” (gotta buy and read this)

Eli Bendersky: “The server-side Javascript meme”

PragPub–March 2010: Jason Huggins: “JavaScript: It’s Not Just for Browsers Any More”

“Algorithms are Thoughts, Chainsaws are Tools”, reviewing a short film by Stephen Ramsey on “Live Coding”. Read it and watch it.

Alex Clemesha: “Tools of the Modern Python Hacker: Virtualenv, Fabric and Pip”

Deseret Tech: “NoSQL v. SQL is the worst holy war ever.”

Dennis Forbes: “Getting Real about NoSQL and the SQL-Isn’t-Scalable Lie”

Jesse Legg: “Emacs for Python Programmers: Basics”

the official hudson weblog: “Hudson at PyCon”

The website of Lei Chen: “Setup Perfect Python Environment In Emacs”

Extra Cheese: “Python vs. Ruby: A Battle to The Death”

Martin Fowler: “ConversationalStories”

Code Monkeyism: “What Developers Need to Know About Agile”

Coding Horror: “Cultivate Teams, Not Ideas”

Geoff Sowrey: “What makes a Senior Developer?”


“The Modelers’ Hippocratic Oath”

Practical Common Lisp