Practical Data Science with Python

@radimrehurek has put together a fantastic intro to Python data manipulation using an iPython notebook that is worthy of bookmarking and keeping as reference as to what you can do quickly with Python.


NPR posts a news app HOWTO, along with code “How to build a news app that never goes down and costs you practically nothing”.

Python (Flask, Fabric, Jinja) and Amazon EC2. A nice walk through with code for contribution and reuse.

Recent Python packaging reads

Python packaging options are so varied, so strongly disputed as to what is ‘best’ or ‘correct’ or ‘the past’ that they are as un-Pythonic as can be. I love Python, but when it comes to packaging, well lets say I understand how Armin Ronacher feels.

One tip: Never, ever, ever use easy_install (except to install virtualenv and pip). If you are going to install or define an .egg, do so with setuptools or distribute. Again: Don’t use easy_install.

Greg Laden: “Is Python The New Basic?”

Greg Laden recently posted some thoughts about “Python for Kids”, a book by Jason Briggs. Recently I discovered the turtle module, which is heavily used in the book, is included in the standard Python distribution when I tripped upon a tutorial at the Open Book Project. I’m going to have to buy the book and give it a try with Emma.

Tim Bray, “we have so little consensus on these issues”

Tim Bray posted a thought provoker in “Type-System Criteria”. Working in Android has caused him to rethink some positions. Go read.

Greg Wilson, “This continues to be the biggest headache our students face”

Greg Wilson discusses one of the biggest road blocks to using Python more widely, especially in teaching situations, in “It Just Keeps On Hurting”.

The Python Ecosystem – An Introduction posts a fantastic intro to the ‘Python Ecosystem’ that is worth bookmarking and coming back to: Python Ecosystem – An Introduction. Discussion at Hacker News.

Here is some great Python related news: Adrian Holovaty is getting back involved with Django!.

Virtualenv, Fabric, and Pip: a coding post

Alex Clemesha wrote a blog post back in 2009 that points to 3 elements of the Python ecosystem that I’ve made part of my toolbox that if you haven’t read, is worth a read: “Tools of the Modern Python Hacker: Virtualenv, Fabric and Pip”. I’m pretty sure that without these 3 (and Jenkins/Hudson), recent projects of mine would have been far more complicated to accomplish with teams that have been variable in size from day to day. They reduce complexity, and like Maven on the Java side, I wouldn’t want to do a project in Python without them now.

A Yahoo! Pipes influenced Python toolset for ETL

PyF looks interesting. In a similar vein is Ruffus and Orange (Orange looks impressive and has data analysis capability to boot).

Emacs links for September 25, 2010

SaltyCrane Blog: “My Emacs Python environment” – good tips here.

dot unplanned: “org-mode in your pocket is a gnu-shaped devil”

mobileorg-android – I might want to dip my toes into this