Tim Bray, “we have so little consensus on these issues”

Tim Bray posted a thought provoker in “Type-System Criteria”. Working in Android has caused him to rethink some positions. Go read.

Two comparisons of different programming languages worth reading

Normally these kinds of pieces are worthless, but these two recently stood out to me:

Dennis M. Ritchie: Five Little Languages and How They Grew: Talk at HOPL* March 19, 2002

Michael Tsai: Perl vs. Python vs. Ruby – distinguished for the thoughtful replies in the discussion thread.

More on Graphviz

Linux.com: An Introduction to GraphViz

Emacs mode for Graphviz

OmniNerd: Automating Data Visualization with Ruby and Graphviz

Emacs links for today

Emacs Screencast (Ruby developer shows why he likes Emacs)

Xah’s Emacs Lisp Tutorial – I’m following this myself. Some great bits in there for the Lisp/Emacs newbie.

Publiushing Org-mode files to HTML – nice setup to publish a directory of org-mode files.

Hacker News thread: Ask HN: Emacs users on OS X, what’s your setup?

The Monty Hall Problem in Ruby and Python

Antonio Cangiano, Software Engineer & Technical Evangelist at IBM: Monte Carlo simulation of the Monty Hall Problem in Ruby and Python.

YouTube: “21” explains the Monty Hall problem