HTML5 bad for WYSIWYG editors?

CMS and blogging software engineers might have a hard task ahead of them trying to support HTML5. (via Shelley Powers).

XForms Links

O’Reilly XForms Essentials by Micah Dubinko XForms for HTML Authors

WikiBooks: XForms Tutorial and Cookbook

Javascript links for September 8, 2009

Ian J Cottee: Rhino on OS X Leopard Server-Side JavaScript with Rhino and Jetty Programming Java With JavaScript

Steve Yegge: Code’s Worst Enemy

John Resig: Bringing the Browser to the Server (hmmm, jQuery on Rhino?)

YouTube: Google I/O 2008: Steve Yegge on Server Side JavaScript (transcript and slide links):

benne: On-the-fly JavaScript syntax checking in Emacs

Patrick Hunlock: Essential Javascript (nice tutorial)

How to get started in IA or UX

Livia Labate shared some advice for those looking to get started in Information Architecture.

At a recent brown bag she reviewed a number of great design games for generating ideas.

Reading about Graphviz

While gearing up on a content management project, a few developers were wrangling with how to share solution diagrams between Visio and OmniGraffle. While there is a level of compatibility between the two, its not ideal. While researching, I went off into a related tangent, a cross platform tool that I can manipulate from a text editor or programming language, and ended up reading about Graphviz.

Graphviz – command line tool and DSL (dot) to define and render graphs and diagrams.

Doesn’t sounds like much, but check out this magic: Visualizing traceroute output with Ruby and Graphviz or how about Maven based dependency graphing?

I think prefuse (with the unbelievable looking flare) is an excellent related toolkit to look into next (interaction and animations!!!!!) .

O’Reilly: An Introduction to GraphViz and dot

O’Reilly: Graphviz – Why draw when you can code? org-exp-blocks.el: pre-process blocks in org-mode files in Emacs to generate diagrams – rocking!

Bernt Hansen’s fantastic Org Mode – Organize Your Life In Plain Text! is a working example of the above org-mode use case (and a great org-mode tutorial)

Forever for Now: UML Diagrams Using Graphviz Dot

Haven’t read or experimented with yet, but will… Create relationship diagrams with Graphviz

IBM developerWorks: Visualize function calls with Graphviz

Graphviz Resources – large list of viewers, navigators, language bindings, etc

WikiViz: A large list of related tools and libraries

ZGRViewer: a Java-based desktop GraphViz/DOT Viewer – Adds interactivity to viewing a dot defined graph.

Graphviz Eclipse plug-in




“Are we in control of our own decisions?” – Design for a better world Dan Ariely asks, Are we in control of our own decisions?

Programming and Project Management Links for April 16, 2009 – Dealing with impossible crises – Absolutely terrific advice for participating in group problem solving (something that many have trouble with).

The Buzz Bin – The Cultural Challenge to Integration – about breaking down silo walls.

Beth’s Blog – Silos Culture Inside the Walls of Nonprofits Prevent Effective Social Media Use – yep – they exist in non-profits as well.

Lessons Learned: Five Whys – great technique to drill down to root causes. – Top ten reasons managers become great

Matt Jones: Data as Seductive Material

Wolfram|Alpha: Searching for Truth

Artima: What I learned at Java Posse Roundup ’09 – some good advice here. NetBeans Platform – some nice inspiration here among those using the Netbeans platform.

Hacker News: Ask HN: Is it worth a back-end developer’s time to get into web-design and HTML/CSS (yes!)

WikiWikiWeb: Specialization Is For Insects

Computerworld: Researchers: Databases still beat Google’s MapReduce

SmoothSpan Blog: AmazonFail Shows Data Matters Too

imagine27: 2009-04-09 live lisp art opengl synth sound – wow – slow build – but that’s part of why its worth it. quoting Fred Brooks – Why is programming fun?

SEOmoz: How Google’s Rankings Algorithm Has Changed Over Time

Bb RealTech: My Abbreviated Self – thoughts on the evolving HTML5 spec.

CSSquirrel: Comic Update: Madness? This is HTML5! Do what you can’t not do:

So my suggestion would be find a way to get paid to do the thing you can’t stop yourself from doing. The best programmers are people who can’t stop programming. The best writers are people who find themselves wanting to write when they’re doing other things. Do what comes naturally.

btw – I’m posting regular links at again – here’s my programming link stream.

Emacs links for today

Emacs Screencast (Ruby developer shows why he likes Emacs)

Xah’s Emacs Lisp Tutorial – I’m following this myself. Some great bits in there for the Lisp/Emacs newbie.

Publiushing Org-mode files to HTML – nice setup to publish a directory of org-mode files.

Hacker News thread: Ask HN: Emacs users on OS X, what’s your setup?

Ask HN: Ask HN: Is it worth a back-end developer’s time to get into web-design and HTML/CSS

Hacker News: Ask HN: Is it worth a back-end developer’s time to get into web-design and HTML/CSS? Yes!

Where social software and desktop role playing meet

Obsidian Portal – I have a few friends that would LOVE to dive into this.