Poetry for Rose 1975 – 2016

Rose___113Losing Rose was like losing one of our family’s legs. The loss will never grow back, and our family is re-learning how to walk. Rose was Emma’s 2nd mother, her super Aunt, and finding ways to cope have been hard for each of us in our own ways.

I found inspiration to try my hand at writing some Haiku from an article at Philly.com, about a group of women that are using Haiku to share thoughts about their grief. The article made me recall my friend Howard Hall, and his own works of Haiku that have provoked insight in me many times over the years. Counting syllables feels almost a form of meditation. So here are some of my own…

This can not be real.
We just hugged, and said “see you”.
I don’t understand.

It feels like
We’re walking the ocean floor
Miles down, in the dark

I don’t feel my limbs.
I know you want me moving.
I can’t move. Please no.

I was at the mall
And missed your call, what did I
Buy for your sister?

Self help tropes won’t help
No words spoken will work but time
Listening to your heart

Self-help tropes don’t work
And words don’t compare to hugs
Yours lighten my heart

Using anger to
Shield against introspection
Never leads to peace

Presence, compassion
Are more than just simple words
They are everything

Sleep well, eat well, move
Loving others, and yourself
Starts here. Take small steps.

Some things that are hurt
Don’t heal, but you and me will
Face them together

You and me sit here
We will find our way I know
One day at a time

Memories live on
You’re in everything we are
And love survives all

My heart goes out to all those who are suffering the loss of a loved one.