Explore Space and Time, with Music

Brain Pickings always has something that can light a spark, and this post on Vi Hart folding Space and Time, using a music box and a Möbius Strip is a perfect example.

Blogging Dead?

Jason Kottke wrote for Nieman Journalism Lab an opinion piece, that along with the additional notes he added on on his personal blog, I mostly agree with. The roles that blogs grew to take on during their heyday (when was that really?), have been largely subsumed by social networks and open micro-blogging ecosystems these past few years. But that’s no reason to stop, and like him, I’ll be doing this for a long time going forward.

This form of web publishing has provided me opportunities to make connections and friendships from across the world. It has helped provide me a means of sharing what I’m passionate about and to learn from those who care about the same. It has given me a place to experiment with multiple publishing platforms and idioms over the years, in a challenging, exciting environment, that is still filled with promise, the open Web. And it has been a place where I can build something, make something, that at times gave me a way to give back to my community.

I’m going to keep on, keeping on (along with a lot of my friends who are doing the same).


Eleven fans are probably in a bad mood since Christmas day

Emily Asher-Perrin, at Tor.com, published a good read for those mourning the latest regeneration event.

Old-time Doctor Who fans know the feeling all too well.