Patterns, Hype, and Snobbery

You know the type, they mention the latest acronyms and tell you that you “must apply this design pattern, otherwise it will never work”. Anyway, go read the article at O’Reilly. Gotta love this quote, “It’s an absolute truth that some have held the idea of patterns as a hatchet over people’s heads for some time now, leading many to believe that patterns are this mystical cult or exclusive club that only those born with the right birthmark can get into.”

Check out

I joined this morning. It’s an impressive way to browse the Java weblogger universe. I can tell it’s going to be a killer resource in the future.

Like Russell Beattie, I have a general purpose weblog and probably should filter what is going to by category. I doubt the folks using would like to read my personal postings either. Luckily with MovableType, this should be easy.

Speaking of RSS, my friend Mark is doing some interesting work over at More Boom In The Room.

Running away from criticism

More then a few bloggers dodged the real question when commenting on Rev. Jim Ball’s environmental campaign titled “What Would Jesus Drive?”.

Shame! You know that’s just a phrase to get people talking about moral responsibility and the cars they drive and not a true hypothetical question about SUVs!

The issue probably cuts too close to home.

We have a personal moral responsibility, a civic responsibility, a patriotic responsibility, to watch out for each other – by not wasting precious resources that each of us has to share. That’s not sacrifice. It’s not compulsion. It’s compassion.

To dodge that conversation and talk about priests molesting children (which is an outrage in and of itself) instead of engaging in the query at hand is disingenuous. It’s a technique to avoid critical thinking and discussion.

Morals, ethics, and patriotism. Religion or no religion. I give a salute to the Reverend for sticking is neck out on an unpopular subject.

Don’t you post in my comments on what car Jesus would drive! Think! What would you drive if you actually gave a shit about someone other then yourself? That is the question.

Please don’t confuse me as somekind of environmental radical. I realize there are people that actually need SUVs. And I gotta admit to being a bit of a car nut. Took auto mechanics in high school. My dream car is a Mustang GT-350. That doesn’t invalidate the conversation however. I am uncomfortable with it – as I am sure you are – it’s because of this discomfort that makes it something that should be talked about.

Whadda game! Eagles win and lose on same night

Les Bowden calls it “the ecstasy and the agony”. That’s one way of putting it. Me? I thought of the Sixers. Couldn’t help it. They played where many other teams would simply lie down. It goes to show ya that the Eagles are not the one player team like so many have penned them as. Did you notice how even the 49ers came out to wish Detmer well? That was class.

Bye Bye Win98

Just finished an upgrade to Windows 2000 along with a new sound card and video card. Been using it at work for two years now and it was about time for my home machine to move on from Windows 98. I know what you’re thinking… he was still using ’98?!?. Yep. And my PC is around three years old and home built. I’m kinda funny that way. I just don’t feel the need to have the latest and greatest.

Heh… I still use a Palm that has the 3Com logo on it 🙂