As homelessness grows, even havens toughen up

…cities like Santa Monica, long known for strong social consciousness, are trimming their largess – and often getting more aggressive in cracking down on homelessness.

Read the rest at the CSMonitor.

I hate alterna-snobs

Here is a site that claims to list the top 100 albumns of the 80s. Good list to find albums you might have missed, but the bias against metal is very, very evident.

MVC the cure-all?

Check out this excellent post on MVC and how it relates to web development. via cwinters, via rebelutionary.

Go to Bark’s Bytes to discuss the McNabb injury

Yes I work for the same company – so I’m biased. But this *is* the best weblog that discusses the Eagles. Check it out. Also – webloggers – checkout the comments participation! Wow! I don’t know any weblog that sees regular threads like that.

i am not a number. i am a free man.

Garret links to a perfect pic from The Prisoner. One of the greatest TV shows ever. In a creepy way – all too relevant.

Some links:

Here goes a good Prisoner site.

Very inspirational

To see creativity like this, from two people who don’t really know one another, from across the net, it’s simply wonderfull. Check out Shannon Campbell’s Dreaming of Violets as reworked by Scott Andrew LePera. I’ve been meaning to link to this for a long time now….

Speaking of mean… lays down some truth on some heartless bastards. People should be issuing some apologies.