Something Far Worse

At times, I feel as if I’m going to be found out.

Not as a lunkhead, or a complete dolt, because you have to be reasonably competent to keep conning people into hiring you. But as something far worse.


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Meet my new guitar

I don’t normally share this kinda stuff, but Saturday I finally spent money on an electric guitar. Up till now, all I’ve bought were second (probably third) hand, and they were each bought in desperation – so I really didn’t choose as I’d like – I just settled.

I’m not a good guitar player – I’ve always treated it as a means to an end – to write and play songs and just have fun. Somehow I always end up playing lead and I gotta admit… an hour of guitar a day keeps the doldrums away. There is nothing like leaning into bent D or slaming down a F# power chord – it fills the heart with joy.

Rittenhouse Review is covering some great American catfights. Well that reminds me of the age old question – Gibson Les Paul or Fender Stratocaster?

Who would a thunk it? I’m a Fender guy! I swore when I began this I was gonna end up with a ‘Paul, and for the past few weeks I’ve tried just about everything, but this guitar… wow. Nothing came close to being as versatile tone-wise (Iron Maiden to clean blues licks.) or as kick ass to play. It’s a Fender Hot Rodded American Texas Fat Strat Special with a maple neck. The pic to the side isn’t entirely accurate – I have a rear humbucker and 22 frets. Having a guitar that begs you to pick it up makes a difference 🙂

Quotes worth repeating

“opinionated people make no distinction between legitimate opinion and arbitrary opinion. all that matters to them is that they *have* an opinion.”

And “there is way too much [snip] ‘advice’ given by people who have never successfully done whatever the advice is about.”

Garret says it reminds him of punditry and hopes he doesn’t come off that way. Me too dude. Me too.

An S.U.V.? Oh, That’s So Over!

NYTimes: An S.U.V.? Oh, That’s So Over!

“My car is the anti-S.U.V.,” said Gen Kanai, 29, of New York, who works in the business development division of Sony and drives an Impreza WRX. “I carry bulky computer boxes, my mountain bike, my snowboard. The sports rack is on it all the time.”

I test drove a Mazda Protege5 and loved it. Boy did they nail my demographic.

The show was great last night

Yes there is an original music scene in Philly. Hopefully the great turnout will encourage places like Brownies to book more original acts. The place was packed!

The Phoenix Trap put on a great show and won over my compadres, who I gotta tell ya, are the most blunt, honest critics I’ve ever known.

Here’s to hoping this marks the end of my long self-imposed hermitage.

More on the election and some on Philly

The Rittenhouse Review says it’s time for Democrats to take Republicans seriously. He lays a good smack down on certain misguided Libertarians as well. Check out his collection of perspectives on the election while you’re at it.

Glenn Frazier says that running on the economy was the wrong platform. I repectfully disagree with my fellow Philly blogger. Did you honestly hear any ideas for fixing the economy? There was finger pointing. I think we agree on this – It’s the ideas that count. Not political bickering. If there were ideas, they didn’t get thru. Contrast with Rendell who put something on the table.

Eric Raymond says the Dems have been victims of their own postmodern politics. I disagree with a lot here, but he makes some thought provoking points.

Garret says the Dems need some new blood. I agree.

I know how you feel Bill 🙂

Three Philly bloggers and two ex-Jersey guys. Not bad at all.

The Inquirer reports that Rendell won by Republicans voting for him in key districts. A politician that appeals across party lines. Imagine that! The Inquirer explains how. The also posted Rendell’s first post election interview.

The Urban Warrior makes a call to arms to sell our city.