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Updated: 07/14/2003

Fender Hot Rodded American Fat Strat Texas Special

Fat Strat

Purchased at George’s music – my main guitar. Maple neck, 22 frets, rear humbucker. A fast, easy to play neck, decent action, and versatile tone. Just a killer guitar.

The Fender Product Page for the guitar.

Fender’s Home Page.

The Fender Player’s Club looks like a fun resource.

The Fender Forum is the place to go to chat with other Fender players.

Mr Gearhead: The offical Fender support site.

STEWMAC.COM: For the DIY guitar repair geek.

All Things Guitar: Has a nice list of links.

Fender Deluxe 112 Plus

Fender Deluxe 112

My main amp. It’s a 94 wattRMS, 33lb. combo. It’s size is deceiving. Very, very, very loud for combo. Bright and sweet clean tone, heavy distortion. This amp is so loud I have yet to play it past 6. Never had to, even up against others playing with Marshall stacks. In fact, the thought kinda scares me.

The Harmony Central user reviews page.

The Boss BR-532


My 4-track digital recorder, purchased at Sam-Ash. Versatile multi-tracker for personal recording. It does not seem suited for band recording purposes (not enough simultaneous inputs), but is more then satisfactory for recording one instrument and mic at a time. People buying this mistakenly think it’s included “Rhythm Guide” is a substitute for a drum machine. Take it from me – it’s not. Singer songwriters – this is a great composition tool for you.

The Roland Product Page for the unit.

A Yahoo! Group with a surprising amount of participation and friendly folks willing to help.

A Harmony Central article on the BR-532’s introduction.

The Harmony Central user reviews page.

Total Guitar’s review of the BR-532.

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