Can The Muppets be relevant in this day and age?

The NYTimes, in a recent story, documents the effort by Disney to reintroduce the Muppets. You might be wondering if The Muppets could be relevant to today’s children. Richelle had told me that she didn’t think it would be for Emma, who loved The Backyardigans, or The Wonder Pets, or Jack’s Music Show, or Elmo and Seasme Street (which has changed considerably from what I grew up with).

Well, I can report from my own experience that

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My thoughts and prayers Antonella

It’s coming up on the one year anniversary of my Mom’s passing. Antonella Pavese, who had an entirely different relationship with her Mom, then I had with mine, shares so much in a post that I feel I can relate to.

Antonella Pavese: Of things lost, of things found:

Slowly walking our karmic circles over and over again. I’m holding her hand, still cold but trusting, as I steer her away from furnitures and walls.

I look at my mother and I realize that all the memories she didn’t tell me about, all the memories I didn’t listen to are gone forever. All is left is this moment, in which she and I walk in circles, hand in hand, in a medium size apartment in Rome, the capital of a country with a painful past. In a few days, I will be thousands of miles away from this moment and this place. Right now, I’m here.

Thank you for sharing that Antonella. My heart goes out to you.

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“a Manual for our Kids to Save the Future”?

That’s what John Baichtal at his Wired Blog “Geek Dad” called Cory Doctorow’s book sci-fi novel “Little Brother”, in his glowing review posted last week.

While you can download the book for free legally from the website, I’m going to want to buy a copy for the bookshelf – it’s a great book so far.

One of the best purchases of mine these past few months was following his comic book series “Futuristic Tales” from IDW. As a sci-fi and comic book fan, I gotta tell ya, it was worth every penny.