Aaron’s daughter learns about project scope

And a little Flash to boot 🙂

Flash sounds like a perfect tool to teach programming. Others I’ve been reading about:


Scratch (scratch is built on Squeak Smalltalk – there are other educational environments/tools built with it as well)

Snake Wrangling for Kids


My roots: LOGO and Commodore BASIC.

Interesting related article at O’Reilly: Why Johnny Can’t Program.

Flash, UI, and football fans check out “Inside the Playbook” at NYTimes

The NYTimes uses Flash to produce analysis of each match-up in the NFL playoffs and a fun game to predict winners.

Here is one example of upcoming game analysis: Inside the Playbook: Philadelphia at Minnesota

Here is the predict the winner game: Inside the Playbook Challenge

And go Eagles!

CNN gets rid of the crawl

I expected this to be bigger news in my circles, but it hasn’t registered. CNN has rejected the news crawl for a far less busy headline flip in its news broadcasts. The new UI makes it far easier to absorb the news broadcast without constant distraction and sometimes even helps to clarify whatever it is that is being reported. Great job CNN.

NYTimes: The Flipper Challenges the Crawl

Emacs for Git, TextMate and Ruby fans

Ruby on Rails for Newbies: Emacs? Emacs.

ones zeroes majors and minors: TextMate Minor Mode

CSS for Programmers

Two great pieces that I’ll be sure to reference in the future (expecially when I redesign this blog):

Stefano’s Linotype: Why Programmers Suck at CSS Design

niqos design studio: CSS for Programmers (and anyone else who appreciates clean, approachable CSS)

Open Source Rich Internet Application Framework at CIM: OpenPyro

Check it out: OpenPyro: OpenPyro is a pure AS3 framework for creating RIA’s. Open Pyro draws a lot of inspiration from Flex but aims to be more expressive as well as have a smaller filesize and memory footprint.

Arpit Mathur, one of the most brilliant developers I know and a straight up Flash guru is leading the Open Pyro project. He recently posted about OpenPyro on his personal blog and includes a screencast of him using the framework to develop an app.

Kevin Fitzpatrick another CIM Flash master, and lead developer of another open source project at CIM, LogBook, comments about OpenPyro.

A nice gallery application

SimpleViewer looks easy to use and I’m spotting it on a number of photo blogger sites.

Flex, Spring, BlazeDS (oh my!)

Looks like a tutorial I want to take: “Flex, Spring and BlazeDS: the full stack! (Part 1)”

Great NYTimes article reveals a little about their Web production process

.It was both educational and fun to read the NYTimes interview with Khoi Vinh, their Design Director.

An Ajax RSS Reader

William Lazar cooked up a sweet RSS reader you can read about on his blog using Google’s Ajax Feed API and MooTools.

Part of me wants to whip up a Popurls page using this, that stores what feeds you want to see in a cookie. Something like that could take only a few hours, with minimum feed tech knowledge.