Harnessing Rhino

IBM developerWorks: alt.lang.jre: Harnessing Rhino.

Bonus link: js2-mode for Emacs.

Javascript links for September 8, 2009

Ian J Cottee: Rhino on OS X Leopard

peter.michaux.ca: Server-Side JavaScript with Rhino and Jetty

gorilla3d.com: Programming Java With JavaScript

Steve Yegge: Code’s Worst Enemy

John Resig: Bringing the Browser to the Server (hmmm, jQuery on Rhino?)

YouTube: Google I/O 2008: Steve Yegge on Server Side JavaScript (transcript and slide links):

benne: On-the-fly JavaScript syntax checking in Emacs

Patrick Hunlock: Essential Javascript (nice tutorial)

Reading up on Rhino and Javascript

Read: Steve Yegge: The Next Big Language

Read: Steve Yegge: The Universal Design Pattern

Read: OCI: Weiqi Gao Ph.D.:Scripting Languages For Java (Javascript/Rhino versus Jython)

Read: Front Side: Learning Javascript from the Command Line

Read: Front Side: Taming the Rhino: Making Mozilla’s Javascript Command Line a Little Less Brutish

Download: Rhino

Download: JLine