Yesterday Android Alliance launched in Philly

Yesterday folks interested in Android development got together at National Mechanics in CC Philly and had a few drinks with one another. The big takeaway for me from the first meeting is that there are many in the region involved in mobile development (including myself) and that a community here is ready to connect.

Kudos to Corey and Arpit for bringing this together. It was fun and I hope to learn much from everyone.

Join the Google Group and follow on on Twitter.

Additional links can be had from CIM Labs.

Some links for those getting started with Android dev

Smashing Magazine: “Get Started Developing for Android with Eclipse”

Android Developers: “Hello, World”

Tim Bray: “What Android Is”

Android Developers: “The Developer’s Guide”

O’Reilly: Programming Android: Your Toolkit

QR Code generating bookmarklets

These QR Code generating bookmarklets use to render a QR Code for the URL you are visiting in your browser. A great way to load the page you you are viewing on your desktop browser, on your phone.

via @arpit

Emacs links for September 25, 2010

SaltyCrane Blog: “My Emacs Python environment” – good tips here.

dot unplanned: “org-mode in your pocket is a gnu-shaped devil”

mobileorg-android – I might want to dip my toes into this

Getting Started with Android Development Links

Here goes two for future reading:

Android Developers: Hello, World

Lars Vogel: Android Development Tutorial – Froyo