New Version of Sikuli released

MIT’s Project Sikuli has released a new version with some IDE and API improvements.

Sikuli, along with Scatch open up programming in innovative and fun ways.

Afraid you’ll miss Firebug if you move to Chrome?

Probably not. Check out the screencasts at Chromium Projects: “Google Chrome Developer Tools”.

I haven’t abandoned Firefox yet. But it is important to experiment and keep your toolbox open.

Since Chrome has recently gone stable on the OS X, I’m finding it a capable browser. Haven’t switched yet however.

John Scalzi, “in space exploration, what we enjoy in movies says something”

John Scalzi: “Space Flight in the Real World vs. Armageddon and 2001”

Looks like while the vote was still down, those who did come out made some big choices

Philadelphia Inquirer: Bob Edgar: AP: “Rising tide of frustration: Specter’s legendary resilience proved no match for a restless electorate.”

Philadelphia Daily News: Will Bunch: “Specter, the ultimate survivor, a ‘relic of an earlier time'”

Philadelphia Inquirer: Patrick Kerkstra: “Phila. voters abolish BRT”

The rain today will keep voters away

That tends to permit the status quo to keep on being so. If you don’t want that, then you need to make sure you get out and vote.

Jim Henson, 20 Years Later

Wired: “20 Years Later, Remembering Jim Henson”.

Ronnie James Dio – Rest In Peace

Ronnie James Dio, one of the greatest songwriters and singers in heavy metal, passed away this weekend.

I put together a Ronnie James Dio Playlist on YouTube to try and share some great moments, but no one song, or article, will be able to capture his influence on the genre, and the positive uplift it gives thousands of kids who look for a place to belong, a music that sings of fighting for something against incredible odds, all wrapped in a cloak of fantasy, sorcery and lightning.

The following three threads have great discussion:

Blabbermouth: “Metal Legend Ronnie James Dio Dies At 67”

Metafilter: “Shiny diamonds.” DIO R.I.P.

NPR did the best job I’ve seen so far in a mainstream news source of covering his passing: “Metal Legend Ronnie James Dio Dies At 67” “Ronnie James Dio: Remembering A Vocal Cannon”

Friends and family links:

Rock Nightmare: R.I.P Ronnie James Dio”.

Thoughts on Religion (and other things): On Ronnie James Dio.

You can pay your respects at Ronnie James Dio.


Heroes – Locks of Love

Last week Rose and the salon she works at, “Salon 360”, put on an event to collect hair donations for “Locks of Love”. This morning I got the chance to watch a documentary on the organization on HBO titled “Locks of Love: The Kindest Cut”. The documentary outlined the personalized process “Locks of Love” takes to make wigs for children who are suffering from hair loss from a medical diagnosis. The people behind this and the hard work they put into it are helping those who need it in a profound way.

Fancast: Locks of Love: The Kindest Cut Preview:

You can read more about “Locks of Love” from Michael DiVittorio in a piece for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, “HBO Family documentary puts Locks of Love in public’s eyes”

Unbelievable story – Paul Nicklen being offered penguin

National Geographic’s Paul Nicklen: “Face-Off With a Deadly Predator:

The Earth is bleeding, and we’ve given it the wound The Big Picture: “Disaster unfolds slowly in the Gulf of Mexico”

National Geographic: “Satellite Pictures: Gulf Oil Spill’s Evolution”

MediaShift IdeaLab: “DIY Mappers Offer Remarkable Images of Gulf Coast Oil Spill”