re-watches “Total Recall” gets at the philosophical core of “Total Recall” in ‘”If I’m Not Me, Then Who The Hell Am I?”: Total Recall’. I need to get around to reading some of Philip K. Dick’s stories.

The Muppets’ greatest hits posts a fun slideshow of some great Muppets musical moments: The Muppets’ greatest hits.

Go see the new movie. You won’t regret it.

NYTimes Critics Picks: ‘The Warriors’

This movie got under my brother and my skin as kids. I have no idea how we originally saw it (must have been VHS), and we were pre-teens. Seeing the review here was fun. A.O. Scott: Critics’ Picks: ‘The Warriors’.

New Karate Kid as good as the original

With so many things from our youth terribly rehashed these days, you gotta celebrate something when it works, and the new Karate Kid did. They did a good job of helping you relate to Dre as bullied. His size, and being so far away in a new home helped considerably, but so did his acting. Moving around so much as a kid, it got me a bit. Really enjoyed it.

Explaining why “They Live” is a cult classic

Author Jonathan Lethem explains “They Live” in a terrific slideshow at

Hey guys, it’s okay to cry at a movie

The fact that stories like this one about ToyStory 3 are still being published – and still need to be published – is frustrating.

It’s okay for men to be emotional. If anyone tells you otherwise, give ’em a head butt (I kid, I kid!).

John Scalzi, “in space exploration, what we enjoy in movies says something”

John Scalzi: “Space Flight in the Real World vs. Armageddon and 2001”

Emma approved

I didn’t know how to feel when I heard about the “Where the Wild Things Are” movie adaption or when I saw the trailer, but Emma liked it. A lot. Talk about a hard movie to produce. If they succeed, it will be magical. If they fail, it will be more of the same… unfortunately. Keeping my fingers crossed. It would be great to take Emma to this.

Two amazing acts of creation you have to see (and hear), bookmark, and share

“Sita Sings the Blues” and “Thru-You”

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Laughing Squid: Kutiman Remixes YouTube on Thru-You