The VMAs sucked!

Why? Why? WHY?!?!? Why did I let myself think it would be any different then the last few years?

There needs to be a MTV2 Awards show. No – better yet – a real competitor to MTV needs to stand up. There is great music out there – and I’m sure great videos – they deserve to be seen and heard.

Johnny Cash don’t need MTV and it’s a shame that MTV missed a chance to be something more then just advertisement.

Man did it suck. It was like a car wreck. Never – never – never again!

2 thoughts on “The VMAs sucked!

  1. I agree 110%! Coldplay was pretty good as usual, but the rest of it was all about phony “pimps” and teenie-boppers who can’t write their own names let alone a good song. Johnny Cash would have seemed too out of place there last night, and his music doesn’t belong on MTV anyway – it’s real music! MTV lost that in the 90’s somewhere…

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