Comfortable with Authority Don O’Briant: Millennials: The Next Generation. Flies in the face of what many think.

2 thoughts on “Comfortable with Authority

  1. >> Unlike some of their predecessors, they have no interest in sit-ins, anti-war marches or rebellions against authority.

    The journalist’s credibility completely goes down the tubes the moment you get to this sentence.

  2. Does Don O’Briant know anything about our generation at all? I go to a high school with over 1,000 kids and hardly any of them act and speak like the kids William Strauss talks about. Most of the seniors don’t even get registered to vote (I wonder how Strauss would explain the continually falling youth voting rates in the U.S.). Marijuana use is publicly accepted by the students, and no one pretends to respect the authority of people who expelled students for wearing a certain item or accidentally bringing a butter knife to school. The whole class will gang up on a teacher if she chastises a student for pointing out an error she made or if he refuses to let a student cry in class. All these “millennials” are ever raised in is an environment that says you’re bad, what you’re doing is not OK, and that is very, patently NOT going to end us up with kids who have a trusting relationship with authority. Oh, and by the way, wasn’t teen smoking going way up only a few years ago, with people born in 1982 were at the head of high school?

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