Upgraded paradox1x.org to WordPress 3.6.1

I’m experimenting with a few of the themes after upgrading WordPress to 3.6.1, hope you don’t mind. I had thought I settled on the latest and greatest WordPress default, “Twenty Thirteen”, but I’m not sure yet. In either case, experimenting with different layouts and themes in WordPress is fun.

Note that commenting will eventually return.

TypePad AntiSpam count so far: 31700

That’s over the past year. I’ve modified some settings to get more aggressive, and have a few other countermeasures going, but I still get too much spam to manage for a personal site. 25 messages in the past 15 minutes in fact, plus 4 that AntiSpam didn’t catch. Cleaning this stuff off of a personal site takes a lot of effort.

I think it needs to be said that not only have the advents of Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter moved a lot of the energy from blogging, this has as well.

I’ve been planning to migrate back to WordPress for a while now, but along with that, I’m considering Disqus for this site. I’ve been holding off because paradox1x.org is a personal site, but leveraging a shared resource like that, to solve a bunch of known problems, makes sense.

Easiest Movable Type Upgrade Yet

Over the years I’ve used Userland Frontier, Userland Manila, Userland Radio, GreyMatter, WordPress, PHP-Nuke, PostNuke, Drupal, and have ran this blog using Movable Type for years.

This upgrade was the smoothest yet, probably due to the lack of custom plugins or templates I am relying on these days. But the urge is still there to tinker. So is the urge to ‘minimal’ with something like PyBlosxom, Jekyll, Hyde, or to again write my own (in my work I’ve built full-on CMS’s, thin website frameworks, and have experimented with Django and web.py).

It always comes down to how I choose to use my time. Time is everything.

Kudos to the Movable Type team. Nice work.