TypePad AntiSpam count so far: 31700

That’s over the past year. I’ve modified some settings to get more aggressive, and have a few other countermeasures going, but I still get too much spam to manage for a personal site. 25 messages in the past 15 minutes in fact, plus 4 that AntiSpam didn’t catch. Cleaning this stuff off of a personal site takes a lot of effort.

I think it needs to be said that not only have the advents of Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter moved a lot of the energy from blogging, this has as well.

I’ve been planning to migrate back to WordPress for a while now, but along with that, I’m considering Disqus for this site. I’ve been holding off because paradox1x.org is a personal site, but leveraging a shared resource like that, to solve a bunch of known problems, makes sense.