I’m actually a little depressed

See… this is what happens when you start to post personal stuff… you gotta post follow-thru! Next thing you know you’re fired at work for posting while working.

Anyway…I need to vent. It sucks to record a song for a show to play, and the show hearing the song giving you a great review and saying it’s going to happen, and then it doesn’t. I sat there on the edge of my seat, and then nadda. Nothing.

Hopefully the band can find solace in the effort and what we’ve learned by doing it. Maybe they’ll give me permission to share it on the web. We’ll see. If so, I’ll post a link here.

3 thoughts on “I’m actually a little depressed

  1. See now Karl, counted those chickens before they hatched.

    You should know by now that you should temper the excitement until it comes to fruition.

    Don’t set your expectations so high so that when people back out on you don’t fall as hard.

    The industry is changing; radio stations like wysp will become a thing of the past; for releasing new material. All of this will be done over the Internet and portable mp3 players. The way of “Getting Signed,” is also about to be a thing of the past (thank God).

    It is up to the musicians/writers of our generation to be our own AR reps, and our own distributors, as well as our own managers.

    Remember what you started writing and performing
    music for in the first place and never lose sight of that. Don’t let minor setbacks become personal and become a means for desperation and hopelessness.

    If it?s meant to be it will happen.

    If it doesn’t, well make sure you had fun while you tried. Regret nothing, and take no excuses.

  2. Any luck with getting access to the song? I’d love to hear it.

    As for the station — their loss. They blew their chance to be In when it all began. Someday when they’re reduced to fighting the dogs for kibble spilled on the floor because they’re broke, they’ll look back and say, “We really mucked this one up”

    Then you can laugh. And throw down more kibble.

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