Resources to Learn Scala

Algorithmically challenged (love that name for a blog!) put together a great list of resources to learn Scala on the Web. New for me was a massive list of links posted to Stack Overflow (one for the bookmarks).

Joshua Suereth – Effective Scala at ETE 2012

Joshua Suereth’s talk on Effective Scala at ETE 2012 is a fantastic overview for engineers learning Scala and wanting to get familiar with some best practices:

I’m going to have to read his book, “Scala in Depth”.

(via Chariot Solutions)

Scala for Java Refugees

Daniel Spiewak’s Scala for Java Refugees provided me with a helpful introduction to Scala recently. I recommend it.

Setup Play and Scala on Mac OS

Aren Patel has a nice write up that I worked through today: “How to Install Play Framework in OSX –”.

Very quick start with Scala on OS X

1. Download and extract directory

2. Move scala install directory under to /usr/local/.

3. Add SCALA_HOME variable to your .bashrc export SCALA_HOME=/usr/local/[SCALA INSTALL DIRECTORY]

4. Add $SCALA_HOME/bin to your path in .bashrc, example: export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:$SCALA_HOME/bin

5. Get Emacs set up, read Scala, Emacs, and Yasnippet and Stone Tools and Scala Development.

(even easier, check out Bill Venners of Artima’s tips for steps 1-4)

Play, experiment. Maybe write the equivalent of Code To Joy’s myTunes: Groovy and JFugue (“Crazy Train” as the new “Hello World”? Not exactly, but a fun exercise).

Read The busy Java developer’s guide to Scala: Functional programming for the object oriented