Java coder don’t get Lisp? Read defmacro: on coding

Slava Akhmechet wrote a piece a while back that that challenged my thinking in terms of design using an old familiar friend and adversary: Ant. If you are a Java programmer, you’ll recognize the patterns Slava is connecting with to share with you why Lisp is so interesting. BTW, this piece would work doubly well with Maven if it was updated. Go read.

Great Maven Introduction: on devops

SpringSource’s team blog has short, but great introduction to Maven.

Great Spring and Maven tutorials Cameron McKenzie: “The Easiest Way to Get Started with Spring” – good toe-dip to the Spring container, dependency injection and inversion control. Will Iverson: “Building Web Applications with Maven 2” – great intro to Maven, building a small web-app, and running it with Jetty.

JavaWorld: John Ferguson Smart: “An introduction to Maven 2” – a bit more detailed then the previously mentioned Maven tutorial, but does not include Jetty unfortunately.

If I could find one tutorial that brings these elements together, with a little Eclipse IDE configuration and usage thrown in, it would be great.

2 Ant to Maven Migration Links

Raible Design: Ant vs. Maven

Sonatype Blog: How to convert from Ant to Maven in 5 minutes

Great Maven Quick Start

Josh Long: “A Survival Guide to Maven, OR, Why Maven’s Still Cool” – nicely done.