Python links for October 3rd, 2009

John Kleint: Python Project Howto – describes how to get a Python project up and going, from unit tests to project hosting. Fantastic howto.

Dpeepul Blog: django guys let us understand django guys let us understand python *args and **kwargs – Great for a Python beginner to discern just what those features are. Here’s more in the official documentation (which you’ve read – right?).

Upgrading SVN on Leopard

If you’ve been keeping your Subclipse Eclipse plugin up to date on Leopard, sooner or later you will be met with a situation where your svn cli client will report an incompatibility and lead you to upgrading it.

The problem starts when you download and install the universal binary at CollabNet.

Installation goes well, but it doesn’t upgrade the original installation you have on your machine.

The simplest solution found in the comments in this post was to override path so that /usr/local/bin/ takes precedence over /usr/bin/ . In addition, I took the additional step of moving the original svn binaries from /usr/bin to a backup folder, to avoid any possible conflicts.