Want to know what people want?

Well this doesn’t get you exactly there, but László Kozma has a Perl script and some analysis that points you to the top sentences on the Web that start with “How can I” using Google. Fascinating stuff.

cURLing with Alfresco’s and Google’s Data APIs

Jeff Potts: Curl up with a good web script (interacting with Alfresco’s Document Manager via CMIS and Atom)

Google Data APIs: Using cURL to interact with Google Data services

Bonus: commandlinefu.com: Update twitter via curl as Function

Google becomes a media company

Google’s new video service, that allows you to upload, share, and sell your own works, sounds like a powerful tool, not only for professional video producers, but for hobbiests, bloggers, and more. Google gets to become a media company with the content produced by users of its service.

As always, there is a discussion at Metafilter worth checking out.

I think folks should be contrasting and comparing this to OurMedia.org another video distribution service, but one with vastly different terms of service and copyright requirements.