Want to know what people want?

Well this doesn’t get you exactly there, but László Kozma has a Perl script and some analysis that points you to the top sentences on the Web that start with “How can I” using Google. Fascinating stuff.

A working Python library for Google Reader unofficial API

The linked library handles authentication and offers working methods for a few of Google Reader’s methods: libgreader. Looks like a great start.

cURLing with Alfresco’s and Google’s Data APIs

Jeff Potts: Curl up with a good web script (interacting with Alfresco’s Document Manager via CMIS and Atom)

Google Data APIs: Using cURL to interact with Google Data services

Bonus: commandlinefu.com: Update twitter via curl as Function

Google adds personalization

Imitation and the Slippery Slope of Portaldom: My Google (by Jeremy Zawodny).

Take a look at their default news modules. There *should* be others up in arms over that.

More here.

Google becomes a media company

Google’s new video service, that allows you to upload, share, and sell your own works, sounds like a powerful tool, not only for professional video producers, but for hobbiests, bloggers, and more. Google gets to become a media company with the content produced by users of its service.

As always, there is a discussion at Metafilter worth checking out.

I think folks should be contrasting and comparing this to OurMedia.org another video distribution service, but one with vastly different terms of service and copyright requirements.