A quick overview in how to build a civic app in minutes

Mark Headd recently posted a short overview (and screencast!) that demonstrates how you can build an application with open data and make it available with SMS.

Andrew Larkin: “5 Lessons JavaScripters Can Learn From Java Unit Testing”

Andrew Larkin, fellow CIMer, recently posted some thoughts on unit testing in Javascript that are worth a read. Up with Unit Testing!

Scala for Java Refugees

Daniel Spiewak’s Scala for Java Refugees provided me with a helpful introduction to Scala recently. I recommend it.

How to learn emacs

David Röthlisberger put together a fantastic guide on how to get started with Emacs that I’m going to point people to from now on.

If you use OS X, want fullscreen, and are extra brave, replace his brew command with:

brew install emacs --force --HEAD --cocoa --use-git-head