More from Daniel Jacobson on NPR’s content management ecosystem

Programmable Web: Daniel Jacobson: “Content Portability: Building an API is Not Enough” Previous entries in the series: Programmable Web: Daniel Jacobson: Content Modularity: More Than Just Data Normalization Programmable Web: Daniel Jacobson: COPE: Create Once, Publish Everywhere You can read much more from the NPR team on their blog at Inside A recent post […]

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What is ETL and CMS?

You’re a programmer with a task to retrieve information from some source, manipulate and message it, and to deploy it somewhere. Like all things in programming, there is an acronym for that: “ETL”. ETL stands for Extract, Transform, and Load. The Wikipedia page is pretty thorough in its summary of the topic and reviews many […]

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Worth Repeating: Rob Pike “Data dominates.” and Frederick Brooks “Representation is the Essence of Programming”

Rob Pike is a famous name in programming with a history going back to Bell Labs, co-author of two often quoted books, and today works at Google. Back in February 1989 he wrote an essay, “Notes on Programming in C” which many consider contains insight to the “Unix Philosophy”. One of the sections of the […]

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Dries Buytaert: using Drupal Tim O’Reilly: Thoughts on the switch to Drupal PDF: Goes Drupal Content Here: Is Drupal the right platform for I think you can trace this way back to 2004 and Howard Dean’s run for the presidency. Their team chose Drupal as the framework to leverage for their […]

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