It’s not fun recording a bunch of video.. with no audio

Arg! The Kodak ZI8 doesn’t remember your microphone gain settings between power ups. Not a problem when you are using the internal microphone as it is sufficiently sensitive enough. But it is very noticeable if you are using an external microphone.

Lesson learned for the day.

Putting together a lightweight HD video recording rig

I have a Kodak Zi8 recorder that I am planning to use to upload videos to YouTube with. It produces fantastic quality videos, but more important, it has a stereo microphone jack, so that I can use it to record live music or interviews with a high degree of audio quality.

Tim Conneally, over at Betanews, has put together a great guide to putting together a kit that will fit into a 15 inch notebook sleeve.

Based upon its recommendations, I have already purchased a Dynex Video Bracket.

Next steps are two by a microphone and lastly, a lamp. I’m looking for recommendations if you have them.

Mat Schaffer has offered, based upon personal experience, the SP-BMC-1 from Sound Professionals.

My price limit is up to the Rode VideoMic being used by Tim Conneally.

Fran Guidry recommends the SP-SPSM-15 from Sound Professionals and the (discontinued) AT825 from Broadcast Production & Microphones.

Pain kept me away too

Great to hear an acupuncture treatment helped Susie get back to her guitar.

Arthritis in the hands is scary. Part of me is thankful my pain stems only from the back.

Past few weeks I’ve been getting to my garage and plugging in here and there. Becoming re-acquainted with an old friend.

Speaking of that, I’ve been spending the past day transferring old recordings of myself jamming with friends and bands from long ago from cassette to my computer. Around 20 or so cassettes, so its a big job, probably will take a week or more. And I’m doing this, one side of a cassette == one .wav file (for expediency’s sake). Breaking down to individual songs will take a bit.