The Unsexy List

Nerve’s list of the 50 most unsexy things put a smile on my face. Gotta pass on some humor in the face of reality. After all “Underemployed” is the new norm for all too many. Then again it’s great to have some mis-notions shattered in this Foreign Police piece Think Again: International Trade.

On a different matter entirely – you want to buy Alice Cooper’s latest. You want to buy it. You want to buy it. You want to buy it.

P.S. – I love this pic. Ya gotta love it.

Hey – is there anyone else you know that can hop from Nerve to Foreign Police Magazine to Alice Cooper? Hehe. I must be messed up on some level…. Spamming My Site (and others)

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Mayor Not The Bug Target – But Who Is?

In one of the weirdest mayoral elections that I can remember (a fire-bombing, staff member turncoats, etc…) this just makes it all the more strange:

The inquiry is being handled in part by the Philadelphia FBI office’s anticorruption squad.

One of the FBI raids yesterday morning focused on Keystone Information & Financial Services, a Mount Airy business awarded a contract in 2002 that netted $60,600 from the city for collection of taxes.

The FBI also searched the Cheltenham home of an executive of the business, Imam Shamsud-din Ali, according to a law enforcement official. Ali is a leading Muslim cleric in Philadelphia.

“We served a few search warrants today,” FBI spokeswoman Linda Vizi said yesterday. “They are sealed. I cannot give you any specific information about them.”

Those knowledgeable about the inquiry said it focused in part on contracts at the airport.

The mayor’s brother, T. Milton Street, who has ties to a firm doing airport business, said yesterday that he, too, thought the probe was related to the airport.

For Mayor Street, the discovery of the bug loomed as the biggest crisis of his mayoralty. It blotted out everything else in a campaign that has for months struggled to stay on message.

Read more in the Philadelphia Inquirer.