One thought on “Mayor Street’s office bugged

  1. The conspiracy theorist in me is coming out to play.

    Republicans will stop at nothing to win back major seats of government. They have seen what they can get away with at the federal level when they control all aspects of it. I think they want total control of government at every level. Why? So they can amnipulate the public into their bidding so they can do under the table dealing with businesses so they can line their pockets.

    My evidence is circumstancial – looks at the FACTS. They dug and dug and could not find nothing truly tangible on clinton, for 8 years, and finally caught him for lying about a blow job. They tried to pin a murder onto Condit (yes, he was screwing the girl, but most of those guys, dems and repubs, are doing the same thing). They recalled a legally elected person on no basis other than they didn’t like thr job he was doing. That in itself is illegal!
    Now this? Can we get any lower? Worse thing is, is I do not even like Street. He is an awful mayor, a racist, and gives a bad name to Dems. I would still vote for him though? Why? Because rpubs are scumballs. They have proven that to me over the years time after time.
    One Henry Hyde made me forever loaththe Repubs when he was asked during the clinton scandal – Why, when the polls show and overwhelming majority of Americans want this to end today, do republicans want to continue pushing this? His response was Because americans do not know what they want. They are not smart, we are. We make decisions for them.

    Granted, I agree, most Americans are not smart or rather, lack common sense. BUt that does not give the government the right to close their ears to what the americans want. Wth that statement, I made my decision that I will never vote for a repub again in my life.

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