Why I Voted for Schwarzenegger

Well *I* didn’t – I couldn’t. But who knows – I just may have if I reasoned it out like Mickey Kaus does in Slate. Read it. It answers the question, “how could he get elected?” that so many are asking. Especially Democrats. Especially those running the Wesley Clark campaign. Please.

4 thoughts on “Why I Voted for Schwarzenegger

  1. Nope. Sorry. It still does not have even a beginning map of how he plans to lead that state from the current mess they are in.

    He is an actor and a popular one at that. And you and I both know that is the ONLY reason he won.

    It is sad that Americans vote based on looks, popularity and personality rather than substance of what stance one takes with real issues and what their plans are to tackle those issues. We as a country will continue to falter if we keep up this stupid way of thinking.

  2. The article provides a subtle guide map to why people vote the way they do. And why – for now – Dean is the leader of the Dem pack. And why someone like McCain would have had my vote if he got the nomination in the last Presidential election. And why Gore lost for that matter.

    You’re right – it *is* a shame how we decide to vote.

    But it’s not simply because he was an actor. There are plenty of actors that wouldn’t get a single vote. Because – they actually have opinions stated that are too complex for some and can’t be boiled down to a simple soundbite.

    Arnold kept the message simple. And sounded honest while doing so (sounded!!!). That, with charisma, a personal story, and a fan base, got him the Governorship.

  3. I should add that sounding like a social liberal and fiscal conservative helped him tons as well. It’s that combination that is what the majority of Americans are.

  4. It also helps he is married to a “kennedy”

    Speaking of which, eludes me? She is a “kennedy” and she married a repub?

    Just to reiterate – I still thinl he got the vote because hs is a very well known actor who people flock to see when he puts a movie out, not just “any actor.” He himself doesn’t bother me, but the folks he is choosing to be his advisors are the danger. Just like Regan, who, was not a bad guy. But his group of neoconservatives (who happen to run the show now) were/are the madmen. I plan on doing some research on Arnie’s cabinet to see the history of these guys. I would not be surprised to find some of those guys coming from an oil/gas/electricity (energy) background.

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