Tweet into meaning

Sociologist Erving Goffmanll said that all of life is performance, and Peggy Orenstein in the NYTimes says that Twitter is a new stage.

Jeff Jarvis is getting ready to write a book about “abundant publicness” and some of the thoughts and quotes from the linked post are thought provoking.

“Once-abundant privacy is now scarce. Once-scarce publicness is now abundant.”

Blogging dying due to.. Twitter?

Jaffe Juice: Blogging is dying and Twitter is to blame

Chris Pirillo: Are Personal Home Pages and Blogs Dying?

ProBlogger: Blogging vs Twitter

Sysan Mernit: Thought-blogging versus twitter/lifestream/community Abandoiung your blog for Twitter

As for me, I’m keeping the blog.

Smart aggregation and API use in NPRbackstory

NPRbackstory is an automated Twitter feed that attempts to add context to the news stories trending popular today according to Google’s Hot Trends. It leverages NPR’s archives (very smart, as Joshua Benton notes archives are underused assets), and Yahoo! Pipes to produce a RSS feed that is fed into the NPRbackstory account. It was developed by Keith Hopper of NPR’s Public Interactive group.

Read Joshua Benton’s piece at Nieman Journalism Lab

Read more about it at Keith Hopper’s blog.

Check out his other Twitter related project – Twitterstars – a tool to find local Twitter power tweeters.