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If you’ve been following the controversy around Reddit lately (Wired), you might be surprised. The reality is that the challenge of keeping an online community healthy as it grows is tremendous.

One community that has faced many of those challenges successfully over the years is Metafilter. Metafilter is of the strongest examples of online community anywhere on the Web, and has been since 1999. It’s a remarkable story that not enough are aware of, but that might be one of the secrets to its success.

Last month they published a new “State of Metafilter” update, documenting the improvements they’ve been implementing, as well as handling some monumental comings and goings of the team.

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11 Years of Experience Growing Metafilter

Metafilter has been running for over 11 years now and it remains one of the greatest online communities. Matt Haughey’s SXSW talk, “Real World Moderation: Lessons from 11 Years of Community”, was videoed, it’s 40 minutes well spent, covering the technology, techniques, and practices that keep it a favorite corner of the web for me and thousands of others. It’s about the people. (via kottke)