Getting Lisp

At work props go to Michael Bevilacqua-Linn and his great brown bag on Clojure. I think it helped a few of us not only get exposed to Clojure, but Lisp as well.

Here are some great starting points for the procedural-biased:

defmacro: The Nature of Lisp – absolutely fantastic. Uses Java and XML examples to help bridge the conceptual divide.

Ward Cunningham’s WikiWikiWeb: LispUsersAreArrogant entry.

Steve Yegge’s Lisp is not an acceptable Lisp

Stuart Sierra: Clojure is a Lisp worth talking about

News and Blog: Getting it

Steve Yegge: Emergency Elisp

Me? I have a lot of practice ahead of me to become proficient, but since Emacs is my editor, it comes naturally.