“Practice What You Love”

DeftDigits, a blog on learning guitar, has some great advice for initially picking up some basics: “Practice What You Love | Deft Digits Guitar Lessons”

A retrospective on “No Silver Bullet” in Software Engineering

OOPSLA held an all-star panel (including Dave Thomas and Martin Fowler), earlier this year, on the must-read paper from Fred Brooks (included in the must-read book “Mythical Man-Month”) “No Silver Bullet — Essence and Accidents of Software Engineering”. Read the paper. Then read the panel’s transcript.

WikiWikiWeb: No Silver Bullet

Michael Nutter was named one of Esquire’s Americans of the Year!

For some this is old news, but if not, check it out: Esquire: “Esquire’s Americans of the Year: Patriots: Michael Nutter”

Christian Johansen’s “An introduction to Emacs Lisp”

Christian Johansen, author of Test-Driven Javascript, wrote a great intro to Emacs Lisp: “An introduction to Emacs Lisp”. One of the better one’s I’ve reviewed and it is one for the bookmarks.

Potato Chip… Science

I’m giving this as a gift this year. Looks like lots of fun 🙂

Potato Chip Science.Home.

YouTube: “The Potato Chip Science Kit”

How 5 illiterate women solar electrified 270 houses

Watch this short (10 minute) video and get inspired. You can learn more than what you believe you can, and do more with it.

YouTube: The Rural Women Solar Engineers of Africa – YouTube:

Philadelphia HS reinventing what HS is

Philly.com: Kristen A. Graham: Phila. Sustainability Workshop tries to reinvent the high school – Philly.com.

“Do real work, solve real problems. Trust kids to make good choices. Let them learn from failure. If we’re serious about schools helping to change some of these kids’ lives, we have to have these conversations.”

The Muppets’ greatest hits

Salon.com posts a fun slideshow of some great Muppets musical moments: The Muppets’ greatest hits.

Go see the new movie. You won’t regret it.

A nice guide to using iTerm2, tmux, emacs, irssi on the Mac

Edouard Swiac posts a guide to “Hacking like a hacker on a Mac using iTerm2, tmux, emacs, irssi (and more).”. I’m using Solarized now in Emacs and Terminal and might come back to this to add a few more tweaks to my work environment.

entaroadun/hnpickup – An educational example of a data mining app

entaroadun/hnpickup looks like a nice project to introduce you to some data mining application design patterns to follow any place. It uses Google App Engine and Python.