IGN: 7 Reasons Star Wars Rebels is Superior to the Prequels

If the Prequels damaged your enthusiasm for Star Wars, and you look to the new movies with dread, give Star Wars: Rebels a try on Disney XD. They feel as if they were written in the same spirit as the originals. We’re enjoying them immensely, but don’t just listen to my thoughts on them, check out what IGN is saying:

Fun read: Tor.com on why we really love Princess Leia

Tor.com: Emily Asher-Perrin: Can We Talk About Why We Really Love Princess Leia?:

Forced to be a sexual object for a crime lord? Choke him to death and get outta dodge. Find out your stealth party was spotted on by the enemy? Hunt them down with their own vehicles. Meet a strange new species that doesn’t speak your language? Share food and make friends. As we’re shown time and time again, there is nothing that this woman cannot do. She makes Luke and Han look practically incompetent if you’re actually keeping a scoreboard — Luke only has one or two solid goals that he feels obligated to follow up on, and Han spends half his time in the trilogy jamming to The Clash’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go.” You need Leia to keep it all together.

Star Wars versus Doctor Who

Philip Sandifer, “A hopeless geek with a PhD in English focusing on media studies”, compares Star Wars and Doctor Who in “Pop Between Realities, Home in Time for Tea 21 (Star Wars)”. A long read, but worth it.

A must see review of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

YouTube: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Review (warning – NSFW language by a homicidal maniac with a prisoner in his basement):

Yeah, its a long, long, long review, but it needs to be to nail just how bad the movie was.

Star Wars May Suck, But Robot Chicken Redeems

Well not exactly. But I know I’m going to enjoy this over any of the “Clone Wars” cartoons that have aired so far.