New Star Wars Movie From the Makers of ‘Troops’

First, lets get this clear, Troops was and still is the best Star Wars fan film ever made. Download it. Watch it. Laugh. It’s old. But somehow, since it mashes COPS with Star Wars, it works.

Turns out the makers of Troops have started production on a new, epic fan film, and the Slashdot crowd isn’t impressed. Their criticism’s aren’t close to fair. So far, if you ask me, this rocks.

One thought on “New Star Wars Movie From the Makers of ‘Troops’

  1. Dude, I love star wars, and I would love to see more star wars movies. I am the biggest star wars fan ever! I always have dreams of what it’s like to be in a star wars movie. My friends and I have made some awsome movies that kind of relate to the movies. Eventhough I’m a girl I would sometimes play the part of luke in our small clips. Mostly because I have the shortest hair of all the girls my age that I know. I’ve allways wished that life could be like a star wars movie. But one thing is, everyone in the world should pay more attention to God and the Bible then movies, eventhough star wars is my favorite movie and I have practicly memorized all the movies. So just because I am a kid doesn’t mean I am dumb, eventhough I am terrible at spelling. I hope you enjoyed reading my little story. Just to let you know my real name is Leah. Chip is just my nickname. Bye.

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