Does the Internet “Change Nothing?”

Read this thought provoking essay by Marshall Poe.

Then read Scott Berkun’s thoughts.

Then make up your own mind, because this story is still being written isn’t it?

It used to cost a $1 trillion, now it costs $60 dollars

Computer World: “Today’s $60 1TB drive would have cost $1 trillion in the ’50s”

YouTube: “TEDxPhilly – Robert J. Moore – The data explosion “:


Hal R. Varian, University of California, Berkeley: Economics of Information Technology

MIT Technology Review: “The 70 Online Databases that Define Our Planet” Data Store

TechCrunch: Devin Coldewey: “The Dangers Of Externalizing Knowledge”


O’Reilly: Mike Loukides: “What is Data Science?”

You can influence a 1,000 people to make a better world – Yes You!

Don’t think you have any influence in this world? You have far more impact than you may realize.

Read this weekend’s NYTimes’s piece by Clive Thompson: Is Happiness Catching?.

As Rebecca Blood notes, your behavior has ripple effects that trigger changes in weight, smoking, and happiness in friends, family, coworkers and people associated with them.

Understanding CIDR notation

Good guides for those that need a quick dive:

Wikipedia: CIDR notation. Terse. Without understanding of IP addressing and subnets worthless. So the following give a better big picture:

Cisco: IP Addressing and Subnetting for New Users

MediaWiki’s guide to blocking ranges: Help:Range blocks

Yahoo! Small Business Help: What is CIDR?

Microsoft: Understanding TCP/IP addressing and subnetting basics