“Every day at my job I helped people just barely survive” on Metafilter and Hacker News

codacorolla, a librarian, posted his thoughts to a Metafilter conversation about Califaornia cuts to library funding and spurs a terrific thread at Hacker News.

Read his entire comment and check out the conversation:

“The digital divide isn’t just access, but also ability, and quality of information, and the common dignity of having equity of participation in our increasingly digital culture.”

I’m proud to say there has been a movement in Philadelphia on supporting the mission of libraries, and rethinking how they support their ultimate purpose, and that whenever funding has gotten seriously threatened, people have stood up.

For my part, I’m in talks with my local library to host an after school program teaching MIT’s Scratch. Following that I’d like to initiate a Code and Coffee meetup there and maybe encourage the Blogger Meetups that use to take place to consider local branch libraries as places to meet.

Nurturing A Video Game Industry In Philadelphia

NewsWorks posted a story, back in December, on “Philadelphia Game Lab”, an organization I’m helping advise led by idea-machine Nathan Solomon whose energy and passion is infectious. Read it: NewsWorks: “Nurturing a nascent video game industry in Philadelphia — NewsWorks”.

Tonight there is a game scene event at Barcade.

Earlier This Month The Commodore 64 Turned 30

Cheap, accessible, it opened the doors for many children to their careers today and families had a lot of fun a long the way.

The six months I had one, and the time I spent with my friend Steve’s 64, left a long term impression on the course of my life.

reghardware: “The Commodore 64 is 30 • reghardware”